Cortes’ 1521 victory over the Aztecs was aided by a terrible

Cortes’ 1521 victory over the Aztecs was aided by a terrible smallpox epidemic that cut the Aztec population in half. The devastating release of these germs was so catastrophic to the native people, it eventually killed 90% percent of the indigenous population. With their best warriors dead, and the rest demoralized,pandora bracelets thinking their Gods had deserted them, the surviving Indians were no match for the growing number of Europeans..

pandora essence Since the aether permeated the entire universe, the earth would move within the ether as it spun on its axis and moved within the solar system about the sun. This movement of the earth with respect to the aether gave rise rise to the idea that it would be possible to detect an wind which would be sensed because of the aforementioned movement. Thus, their experiment was essentially an attempt to detect the so called ether wind. pandora essence

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